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We really want you to be part of the show. The idea behind Sunday Supplement is you join us round the 'kitchen table' on a Sunday morning. Over coffee we chat - about anything and everything!


Join in the chat or let us know what you think of the show via our Facebook page, Twitter or email.




Tim’s Connections

On each show Tim introduces us to a theme which connects the music he chooses.


This month, songs with a New York theme, featuring Paul Simon, The Rammones, George Benson and more.




Eleven O’Clock Rant


Do you agree with Tim?  

Do you hate this-   or could it be you?  Let us know!


Looking back over his last year of rants, Tim shared again the highs and lows and issued a 'cease and desist' order on Barry - no more coffee photos!



If you could go on a road trip anywhere, where would it be...and in what would you travel?



You get the idea. Tell us your examples and we'll share on the next show!

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Highlights from February show...


 A hilarious mix this month, including:


 Our plan to be next years christmas number 1


The day of reckoning for Louise the Witch


You reveal your teenage bedroom posters