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We really want you to be part of the show. The idea behind Sunday Supplement is you join us round the 'kitchen table' on a Sunday morning. Over coffee we chat - about anything and everything!


Join in the chat or let us know what you think of the show via our Facebook page, Twitter or email.




Tim’s Connections

On each show Tim introduces us to a theme which connects the music he chooses.


This month, Tim focussed on his old home town of Bromley, which produced a treasure trove of musical connections.



Eleven O’Clock Rant


Do you agree with Tim?  

Do you hate this-   or could it be you?  Let us know!


Today's rant was sensationally cancelled with seconds to spare, as Tim found himself unable to articulate his wrath.

Listen to the podcast to find out why...



Two links this week for which we want your stories...


What's the most unfortunate/amusing thing that's happened to you on holiday?


When you were growing up, what was the most exciting new invention introduced to your home?


You get the idea. Tell us your examples and we'll share on the next show!

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Highlights from April show...


 We go live to the finish line of the Stafford half marathon, as a wind-powered Tim storms to a sensational  victory


We hear about Barry's visit to Doncaster to promote the town and his adventures with Duncan the Dentist!