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We really want you to be part of the show. The idea behind Sunday Supplement is you join us round the 'kitchen table' on a Sunday morning. Over coffee we chat - about anything and everything!


Join in the chat or let us know what you think of the show via our Facebook page, Twitter or email.





Ask the Boys is our new regular feature. You can ask Barry & Tim anything, and we will answer live on the show. Personal hygiene issues particularly welcome!




You get the idea. Tell us and we'll discuss on the next show!

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Our June Show...


This months show featured investigative journalism at its best as Barry exposed Tim in no less than two places- romance in the air in Paris with the mysterious Peggy and a stolen weekend with Dale in Barrow


We also present the scientifically proven funniest jokes ever, ask what secret nicknames we have for our neighbours, and discover black sheep in our family trees.


Tim’s connections introduces us to modulations, songs with changes of keys.